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Doc Fix My Plate! Book

The Physician In the Kitchen®'s Prescriptions for Your Healthy Meal Makeover

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  • ​Access to Physician In The Kitchen's community! Interact with like minded people, get freebies and huge discounts on Dr. Monique's 1 on 1 training programs and videos!

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  • A paperback book shipped to you within 7 days.
  • ​Access to the Physician In The Kitchen community.
  • ​The steps you need to “vegan-ize” your cooking
  • ​How to stock a plant-based pantry
  • ​​My list of must-have kitchen utensils and techniques that make vegan cooking a breeze.
  • ​Food hacks, tricks and shortcuts
  • ​Vegan replacement of dairy products and meat.
  • ​Access to delicious recipes for meatless burgers, vegan-friendly pasta dishes, dairy- and gluten-free cakes and brownies, and more.

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